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Building more ecologically

Supported by an increasingly stringent regulatory system, environmental protection, particularly in the construction sector, is today an urgent need for all stakeholders. GSE helps customers find the right solutions to achieve shared sustainability goals. Our goal is to raise industry standards by using our expertise to create greener buildings for our clients.
We believe that focusing only on certifications and labels is no longer sufficient. Therefore, we have developed a specific research and development program for environmentally responsible construction, with the aim of implementing concrete and sustainable solutions and achieving clear results in operations.
We face the difficult challenges of the future by identifying innovative and competitive technical solutions with high environmental performance, adapted to the specific objectives and constraints of each project.



Our company has embraced sustainable construction standards because we are aware that construction plays a key role in sustainable development. Energy retrofits and green buildings are key to reducing our environmental impact, as a third of our country's energy consumption and CO2 emissions depend on buildings. Through our reconstruction and renovation interventions, in addition to protecting the environment, we regenerate the urban fabric, give properties a greater commercial value, increase their energy efficiency and guarantee seismic safety, an issue very dear to our territory. Our construction meets the strictest energy standards.


Ethical code

GEI SRL believes that every company activity must be guided by the values ​​and ethical principles defined in the Code of Ethics. It is inspired by the principles of correctness, transparency, honesty and integrity and complies with the highest national and international standards and guidelines for the management of company activities. In this general framework, strict compliance with current laws, and emphasis on the value of company activities. Establish general principles and rules of conduct that all subjects involved in company activities must comply with.
Inspired by the belief that every activity benefits the community, the Code of Ethics is reflected in the constant observance of behaviors consistent with its contents, which is why we adopt the Code of Ethics as a document aimed at implementing the Code.  By applying the contents of the Code of Ethics, GEI SRL undertakes to respect and implement the general and specific principles set out therein and to disseminate its contents through a continuous internal training process.