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Urban renewal as a tool for territorial reconstruction

Facilitating and making urban and territorial regeneration interventions and the recovery of the existing building heritage more convenient, completing the strategy for reducing land consumption, this is our goal.  We aim to promote safety, recovery and efficiency interventions for buildings, with particular attention to abandoned ones, to redevelop abandoned areas and reconnect them with the surrounding area.

Inspired by this vision, Grande Edilizia Italiana today promotes the innovative values ​​of urban living and supports the need to widely activate regeneration paths based on collaboration between the public and private sectors.

In fact, we understand regeneration as a process that does not only concern the physical redevelopment of cities but contributes, through integrated policies, to building places of well-being and to supporting and renewing the urban economic system, focusing on proximity, services, public space, on mobility, on connections with natural environments, on culture, on sociality and on the cohesion of local communities.

We pursue the objective of making cities increasingly attractive, livable and vital, configuring themselves as places of production and collection of knowledge, facilitation and dissemination of urban issues from the specific point of view of economic activities.

To this end, we work on urban innovation policies and processes, on resources, on tools, on rules by making our skills available, developing training and information initiatives.


To correctly carry out urban redevelopment interventions, it is important to consult not only local authorities, but also the users of the areas that need redevelopment and the operators who, for various reasons, prefer these areas.

Once this is done, having assessed the needs and expectations of the users, the potential of the site and the resilience of the operational area, we move on to identifying the urban/architectural, economic and social planning tools and the most useful tools for analyzing and then designing.